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Jared’s family has been in the health care industry for over 35 years. As Director of Research and Development for over 14 years he has helped thousands of people that have been struggling to find health solutions. His focus has been on quality of life solutions, and longevity. Inspired by his own mother’s battle with diseases, he and his team worked to bring to market products that have over 95% success rate studied under an IRB that is 100% natural with zero side effects. He worked tirelessly to develop new technology to give hope and support to those that struggle to find health solutions. As the Alive brand continues to grow, he and his team have built a group of dynamic companies devoted to finding and healing the root causes of illness and disease. With one mission to bring technology to make you feel Alive. Jared has spent the last 15 years traveling the world meeting with the most sought-after doctors, researching the most advanced therapies, and building a team who would one day bring his vision of an integrated model of healing to one place. As CEO of Alive Innovations and Alive 4 Health, and President of Sales at Innergy Development Corporation, Jared brings a plethora of skill, technology, and passion for this project.

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Co-founder of the Alive brands, Tim Wade COO, has a passion for health and business. He has developed and created some of the most innovative technologies and strategies for Fortune 100 companies. He has been instrumental in investing in his local community and helping companies through implementation of unique and creative strategies to build systematic models that create passionate and loyal team members. Through his years working with various organizations, there was always one common thread that truly intrigued him…the effect of chronic stress in our lives. He focused on understanding the foundational and fundamental elements in body chemistry and its effects on aiding the challenges of chronic stress thus leading to his involvement with Alive 4 Health and expanding the Alive vision globally.

Together Jared and Tim are partnering with the most brilliant minds in the world to offer hope and healing. Alive 4 Health guides clients to regain vitality and vigor, regardless of age, and helps them to maintain health and live well longer. The focus is on preventative care, averting premature disability related to aging via global medically sound, technologically advanced strategies through a variety of innovative therapies.

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